About ME

Melanie Pratt

My name is Melanie Pratt and I am an animal addict.

As a child I was always in love with animals. I had planned my life towards moving to Australia and working with my hero, the late Steve Irwin. His passion for animals has inspired me, and I have dedicated my life to animals.

While I’ve always loved all animals I only became truly addicted to reptiles when I, as a teenager, saw a Blue Tongue Skink at a local pet store. It was a wild-caught, mean lizard and the staff were afraid of it, but I was entranced and watched it for hours. It was when I got home and did an internet search that I found out what amazing pets BTS can be, and this started me on my way to getting one. Since my mother wasn’t the biggest fan of reptiles it took me over 3 years of research and conniving before I was finally allowed my first non-mammalian pet, a California King Snake named Cow. Soon after that I ordered two Blue Tongue Skinks from Andrew Seike in the USA, and then, while on training to get my private pilot license, I found Pryce the Northern and brought him home too.

Now, years later, I am the proud keeper of many Blue Tongue Skinks along with an assortment of other animals. It hasn’t always been an easy road, but it’s been the most rewarding journey I could have imagined. I have so many goals and dreams in regards to my animals and one day hope to own and work with an entire zoo of animals.