Tanimbar BTS

Mel’s Exotics is currently home to 4 Tanimbar Blue Tongue Skinks (Tiliqua Sincoides Chimerea); one silver, one WC dark silver, and two yellow.

Tanimbars are extremely rare in Canada (I don’t know of any others outside of my collection actually). This would probably be more upsetting if they made for better pets. While they’re not as nasty as some tales would lead you to believe they’re also not the ideal pet, especially for beginners. Tanimbars are gorgeous but tend to be shy and often pee/poop when held. They are all individuals, so some can be very friendly, but I only recommend Tannies for people who have some reptile experience and are okay with having a more hands-off skink.

Dark-Silver Tanimbar. Male. Wild Caught.
Cash was a rare find amongst a shipment of more common imports. My friend Serenity purchased him, but mistakenly used the $-sign as opposed to his number (4). So I call him Cash. He’s handsome, small, has a slight bump from MBD, and wants nothing to do with any humans.

Yellow Tanimbar. Female. Bred by Andrew Seike in 2008.
Eco is a very pretty lady who usually prefers to be left alone. My friend Rikki was allowed to name her after getting a love-bite from this feisty little baby. I think Rikki suggested Ego or Agro, but Eco fit better with my other names.

Yellow Tanimbar. Male. Bred by Andrew Seike in 2009.
Trikks is a handsome male who’s legs are somewhat crippled by MBD from a mostly-chicken diet. He can’t get around very fast but he’s quite friendly and always up for exploring. Because of his legs he’ll probably never be a breeder, but he’ll always be a beloved friend.

Silver Tanimbar. Female. Bred by Andrew Seike in 2007.
Wocket was one of my first skinks and aside from regularly peeing on me she’s an awesome example of a pet Tanimbar. She’s very sweet and enjoys coming out to visit. She even spends time out at expos and reptile shows – with a towel wrapped around her to catch any accidents.