Irian Jaya BTS

Mel’s Exotics is currently home to 2 Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skinks (Tiliqua species).

IJ skinks are small, docile and friendly. Most people who own a Blue Tongue probably have an IJ. The sad thing is most IJs are wild-caught (WC) imports (I don’t know of any breeders in Canada), which isn’t just cruel but comes with a host of medical concerns. IJs come in an amazing array of colours and patterns and because of their awesome personalities they make great pets. So I am trying to increase the availability of captive-bred-and-born (CBB) IJs available in Canada so more people can experience these awesome skinks.

Irian Jaya. Female. Wild-Caught.
Izuru is a very sweet skink who loves to cuddle; she’s happiest tucked up against me when I’m relaxing, or on my lap out in the sun. And of course, like all BTS, she loves to eat.

Irian Jaya. Male. Wild-Caught.
Mizu is a handsome fellow who’s dark colours make him stand out in a crowd. He’s a very active skink and loves to explore new areas and search for edibles.