Northern BTS

Mel’s Exotics is currently home to 10 Northern Blue Tongue Skinks (Tiliqua Sincoides Intermedia). I have 7 Classic Northerns, including 1 oddball Classic who’s genes may carry some surprises. I also have 3 Caramel Northerns; a colour-type originating from James Wilson and characterized by a paler, more caramel-coloured look than the Classics.

The Northern BTS is a favourite pet. They’re large, friendly and very interactive. Each and every one has it’s own personalitity, and they quickly become addictive. The classic Northern look is yellow-on-black, while caramels are paler (more caramel-coloured). There are also orange/sunset Northerns (vibrate oranges all over the body) and white Northerns (white where the yellow would normally be). The great thing about Northerns is that they’re all captive-bred-and-born since Australia no longer allows exports. That being said, be sure to look for a responsible breeder who cares about their animals; we have a few amazing breeders of Northerns here in Canada.

Oddball Classic Northern. Gender Unknown. Bred by Mel’s Exotics in 2011.
Bomber’s strange colours and tiny size really made him stand out from the rest of the 2011 Fluke/Wasp litter. My mother fell in love with the odd little runt and so he has become a permanent fixture in our home. In coming years I am hoping to breed him to see if his colours are inheritable.

Caramel Northern. Male. Bred by Andrew Seike in 2008.
Clue is the full sibling to Trouble, but he’s always been a bit of a sickly skink. He has mild MBD and his toes are in rough shape, but he is very handsome and a great little friend.

Classic Northern. Female. Bred by Andrew Seike in 2008.
Evita’s speckled back and dark colours really make her stand out. She came to me when her nasty attitude became too much for her previous owner. Thankfully she has mellowed out completely and is a great pet and breeder.

Classic Northern. Female. Bred by Andrew Seike in 2008.
Fluke is an amazingly sweet, friendly skink. In 2011 she and Wasp produced baby Bomber, so it is possible she’s carrying some interesting genes in her adorable little body.

Classic Northern. Female. Unknown Breeder.
Hank is owned by my friend Stuart from Saskatchewan. She’s come to stay with me for a while on breeding loan in the hopes of producing babies that are a sweet and gentle (not to mention beautiful) as she is.

Caramel Northern. Male. Unknown Breeder.
Jenga is, to put it nicely, a jerk. He seems to have a vendetta against the human race and enjoys chasing people around and attacking anything that gets in his path. What he lacks in manners he makes up for in his stunning good looks.

Classic Northern. Male. Unknown Breeder.
Pryce was my first skink and he helped me to become addicted. He has lovely light sides and a personality to match.

Classic Northern. Male. Unknown Breeder.
Skids was a pet store skink rescued by my friend Stuart. He is missing most of his toes and has a few other issues but he makes up for his rough exterior with a fantastic personality.

Caramel Northern. Female. Bred by Andrew Seike in 2008.
Trouble is a gorgeous but grumpy lady who’d rather be left to her own devices. Unless food is involved of course.

Classic Northern. Male. Bred by Andrew Seike in 2008.
Wasp is a stunning black and yellow Northern. He is a fantastic breeder and many ME babies carry on his good looks.