Merauke BTS

Canasta, ME’s single Merauke BTS, is currently on breeding loan to Katrina in Alberta, so I do not have any current photographs.

Merauke skinks are large lizards with very long tails. They are a naturally docile species who make excellent pets. They are a shier skink, and prefer cuddling over exploring or excessive handling.

Unfortunately, the Merauke BTS is very rarely bred in captivity, and so nearly all Meraukes are captured from the wild. WC Meraukes are very easily stressed and often arrive extremely ill and need urgent medical care. Over the past 7 years ME has purchased 4 Meraukes, 2 of which died very quickly, and 1 baby which died after several stressful months fighting infections, mites and parasites. Please use extreme caution in purchasing Meraukes, or any wild-caught BTS; the vet bills add up very quickly.

Merauke. Female. Wild-Caught.
ME’s current Merauke, Canasta, was wild caught and arrived in a pet store sick and pregnant. She lost her litter, but my friend Stuart in SK fought to save Canasta. She is now a healthy, loving skink who will hopefully play a role in the captive propagation of this amazing species.