Upcoming Litter(s)

I’m going to be posting some older skinks as available shortly, but also wanted to let everyone know that I am hoping for 1-3 litters of northerns to pop in the upcoming months. It’s never a sure thing, but there are good signs so far.

Alice 2020

The first expected litter would be Alice and Drooly. She’s at 111 days post-breeding today, looks like a balloon, and is doing the “preggo-breathing” that mean hopefully there will be babies soon. Fingers are crossed.

This litter has been one I’ve wanted for several years as both Alice and Drooly are very pale northerns, which I don’t have much of in my bloodlines. Any babies in this litter will be $500 + shipping. I will post if/when any pop.

Alice 2020 Drooly 2020

There are two other litters possible as well – Fluke bred with Wasp and Evita bred with Jenga, both on March 4. That means they’re at 69 days today, so still another month or so before babies are likely. If either of them have babies the babies will be $400+shipping. I’ll post about them more as we get closer to possible due dates.

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Website Attack

Hey friends. Long time no see. My website appears to have suffered from a “pharma hack” where it’s used to advertise medications. I’m trying to repair or replace it. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately in addition to the website problems, I’ve also lost a couple very loved animals here, and Pooch the boa has been fighting some type of lung infection that’s been fending off all medications so far. Add to that the worldwide Covid issues, and I can say it’s just been a bit of a gong show lately.

There are still animals here available for sale/rehoming, and 3 possible litters of northerns for 2020. Fingers are crossed. Alice could potentially pop anytime now, while Fluke and Evita would still be a couple months out if their pairings took. I will post here if anything happens.

Overall I’m still not back to normal, but trying to keep moving forward.

Feel free to email me at MelanieJPratt@gmail.com and I will try to respond quickly.

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Available & Downsizing

Hey friends,

In an effort to reduce my numbers and be more able to provide the kind of enclosures and care I want for my animals, I’m downsizing my collection. Most of what’s going is higher-humidity species, which don’t seem to be doing well in my home despite my misting system. There are also some stunning 2019 babies looking for new homes.

To see everything that is available please see: Reptiles To Go

If you are interested in any of the animals please email MelanieJPratt@gmail.com

My hope is that this reduction will mean I can make more time for really spoiling the remaining animals and enjoy the hobby again.

(I will also note that while I was offline my website appears to have become infected with something that advertises medicine when I share links. I’m trying to fix this, but please ignore any weirdness you happen to see in the meantime.)

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Closed Until Further Notice

Mel’s Exotics is closing indefinitely. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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Available Page Updated

The Available Page has been updated with the 2018 babies.


If you are local to Winnipeg or will be at the MRBE and want to arrange a meetup/sale, please include that in your email. I’ll try to get to those emails first.

If you’ll need shipping, you may not receive a reply until next week, sorry. I have to focus on surviving the MRBE first.

If you were interested in an older skink, shoot me an email or wait until I get updated photos of those. I have 2017 Irian Jayas and a Northern, and 2016 Northerns.

One 2018 IJ did not get posted – he’s climbed the walls too much and needs medical care. Eventually he’ll be available to a pet-only home.

As I posted earlier, I’m basically on my last leg energy wise here. If you need things like holds, payment plans, care tips, setup critiques, etc., go ahead and email me, but please be patient while I work on replies.

Thank you everyone.

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Update and MRBE 2018

We’re far overdue for an update, I know. So here goes:

1) I will be taking photos of the available babies tonight. I will post the pictures on the available page tonight. There’s probably about 20 babies that will be available tonight (northern and IJs). Babies are $400 + shipping. I may also post the juvenile skinks if I have time. Juveniles are $500 + shipping. Once they’re up feel free to email me at melaniejpratt@gmail.com. Local/MRBE sales will be answered first since that’s this weekend, then I’ll get to shipping inquiries. Please, emails only.

2) I will be at the Manitoba Reptile Breeders Expo (MRBE) this coming weekend, but I will not have my own table. If you want to chat you can find me working at the Manitoba Herpetocultural Society (MHS) table. I will not have any blue tongues with me unless the sale is arranged beforehand.

3) I will be downsizing some of my collection and likely closing Mel’s Exotics shortly. I’ll still be around the BTS/reptile community, but running a business and dealing with sales is not my thing. If I continue to breed I will likely be looking to work with a resaler/broker, so I won’t be selling directly anymore. I’m just not doing great and I can’t keep up anymore.

I want to say that I think I have the best customers in the world. Everyone has always been wonderful to me, and I appreciate you all more than I can possibly say. Thank you.

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ID Teasers 2

It’s taken twice as long as expected due to personal commitments and an ongoing war with the sun, but the Available Babies list has officially been made. Right now I’m working my way through the pre-sales folks to let them pick out their babies, then the list will be posted publicly and regular sales will start.

Unfortunately due to the sun-war the photos I have now are indoor ones, but should the sun relent and allow for some photos I’ll be adding more. Here’s a selection of some of the indoor ID photos! Again, these aren’t available yet, and not all pictured babies will be.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

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18/07/23 Quick Update

Hi friends! Super quick update: I’m back in Winnipeg, ID photos are almost complete, and the pre-sale will end in a few days.

I’m still working longer hours this week, but I have more reliable access to internet and will be spending all my free time updating the Available List.

Stay tuned for more photos/updates!

Many thanks,

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ID Teasers 1

So I’ve managed to get ID photos for about half of the skinks here so far, and I figured that means it’s time to post a few just for fun. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been cooperating for outdoor photos – either it’s way too hot or it’s cloudy. So when I can’t take photos I’m responding to emails and messages. The first few pre-sales are in and things are rolling along here. Enjoy the photos!

DISCLAIMER: The follow are NOT FOR SALE at this time!

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Sales Season 2018

Well it had to start sometime, and with the first few litters of 2018 babies just about ready to go it’s time to start working on 2018 sales.

I will admit that sales is actually my least favourite part of breeding, but I am constantly looking for ways to make it run more smoothly. So here’s the plan for 2018:

There will be baby northern and irian jaya (IJ) skinks this year. There are also some remaining yearling IJs and two-year-old northerns that will be available for sale.

My prices are staying consistent this year. Babies will cost $400. The remaining yearling IJs will be $450. The two-year-old northerns will be $500. All those prices are plus exact shipping, which is approximately $100 across Canada.

Starting today I am taking ID photos of all the babies (and remaining juveniles) here, and as a bonus I’ll be posting some of the ID photos here as teasers while I get the Available List up and running.

I will also be responding to emails and messages starting tomorrow, including those waiting for a reply. I’ll be responding to the newest first, so if you sent a message a while back and I didn’t reply, please consider sending another.

Finally, starting today I am accepting pre-sales – up to 15 for baby northerns and 5 for baby IJs. If you know you want a baby, you’re ready to go, and you have the money ready, you can request a pre-sale, we’ll get the money and shipping info all sorted, and you’ll go on the pre-sale list. Once the available animals are listed you’ll get first pick (in order of pre-sales received) and then you just pick a day and I ship.

(If you would like to do a pre-sale for a yearling or two-year-old instead, let me know and we can work it out.)

Once any pre-sales have picked their babies the remaining animals will be listed on the Available Page and sales will continue as normal.

The hope is that by doing some pre-sales there’s less chaos come posting the Available List, and there’s fewer partial-payments and holds and such for me to keep track of (spoilers, I suck at most things that require a memory so have to write everything down).

At this point the earliest possible shipping date would be July 23, but that may be bumped one more week back depending on how well this all goes. High temperature warnings may also impact shipping at times. Updates and most message responses should be expected in the evenings (sorry guys, I’m working rather long hours at my day job). Please continue to have patience (thank you for all you’ve shown so far!) and if you have any questions shoot me an email at MelanieJPratt@gmail.com.

Many thanks,

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