Prices and Discounts

Prices for individual animals can be found on the Available Page.

Mel’s Exotics is happy to offer a up to two $50 discounts on any ME baby/yearling:

  1. Be-Prepared Bribe:
    1. Show me your set-up enclosure ready-to-go for your new skink.
    2. $50 off.
  2. Well-Researched Bribe:
    1. Join or any Blue Tongue Skink facebook group.
    2. Read, learn, ask questions, share photos.
    3. $50 off.

If you find me at the Manitoba Reptile Breeders Expo (Winnipeg, MB, Oct 14-15, 2023) during VIP hour (Saturday, 9am-10am) there’s an additional $50 discount offered.

These bribes are my way of bribing you to do your research, be prepared, and post follow up photos online 🙂