Prices and Discounts

Prices for individual animals can be found on the Available Page. Mel’s Exotics is happy to offer three $25 discounts on any ME baby/yearling.

The first discount is for active members of If you’ve been posting on the forums let me know what your username is and I’ll take $25 off the price of a ME baby.

The second discount is for people in any of my favourite blue tongue skink Facebook groups: Blue Tongues Canada, Blue Tongue Skink Enthusiasts, and/or Blue Tongue Skink Keepers. Join any or all and let me know your Facebook name for a $25 discount (discount doesn’t stack, so don’t join all the groups unless you want to).

The final discount is for local members of the Manitoba Herpetocultural Society. If you’re a Manitoban join our Facebook group and let me know your Facebook name for a $25 discount; I look forward to seeing you at MHS events 😀