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Summer of 2023 gifted us with four amazing litters of Northern Blue Tongue Skinks here at ME!

Available Page Updated Feb 02, 2024.
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Price: By the litter, see below.
Discounts: Yes, see the Prices and Discounts page.
Delivery/Pickup: Free in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
Shipping: Across Canada, apx $120 but varies a lot.
Shipping outside Canada: Very expensive, I don’t recommend it.
Why the rabbit theme: It’s the Year of the Rabbit.
Contact: contact@melsexotics.ca

Parents: Alice x Drooly
Born July 19, 2023
Price: $500 CAD/ea.
Our first litter of the year was a whopping 15 babies who are all looking for new homes now! Mom is Alice is a big lady with beautiful pale sides, and dad Drooly is a matching white/pale colour. This pairing has produced beautiful friendly babies before (I kept two myself) so I had to try it again, and these babies did not disappoint! They’re already bigger and friendlier than most babies their age, and they’re going to make amazing pets (or breeders) in their new homes.

Angora (SOLD):

Beveren (AVAILABLE):

Gotland (HOLD):

Bouscat (AVAILABLE):



Lionhead (SOLD):

Lop (SOLD):

Marburger (HOLD):

Mellerud (HOLD):

Rhinelander (SOLD):

Phendula (SOLD):

Sachsengold (AVAILABLE):

Thrianta (AVAILABLE):

Parents: Clifford x Wasp
Born July 20, 2023
Price: $400 CAD/ea.
Hopping into second place young mom Clifford had a litter of 6 babies. Clifford is a Tiberius x Alrick baby from 2018 who had her first litter last year with Tex. This year she was paired up with Wasp, who’s one of my older males, in the hopes of outcrossing his genes. Originally there were eight babies, but unfortunately a few of the babies had development issues, and two did not make it. I think Clifford will be taking some time off from breeding, and the remaining baby with visible issues will be found a pet-only home. See notes on each baby below.

Bigwig (SOLD):

Buckthorn (AVAILABLE):

Fiver (SOLD):

Hazel (SOLD):

Pipkin (SOLD):

Silver (HOLD):

Parents: Tatara x Taz
Born July 28, 2023
Price: $600 CAD/ea.
In a litter I’ve been hoping for for years, mom Tatara and dad Taz had a fantastic litter of eight caramel northern babies. Tatara is a 2016 baby from the legendary duo of Hank x Jenga, and Taz is a 2013 Trouble x Jenga baby. Both were chosen for a certain “glow” some of Jenga’s babies would have, and with Jenga’s passing last year this litter is a chance to see if the Jenga glow carries on.

Azumarill (HOLD):

Buneary (SOLD):

Bunnelby (SOLD):

Cinderace (HOLD):

Diggersby (AVAILABLE):

Lopany (HOLD):


Skorbunny (RIP):

Parents: Marley x Drooly
Born July 29, 2023
Price: $500 CAD/ea.
As the finale to our bunny-baby season first-time mom Marley had a litter of six! Marley was born here in 2018 to Flambe and Jenga and held back for her lovely looks and sweet personality. This year she bred to known-stud Drooly, who is from an unrelated bloodline. The two seem to have produced a beautiful batch of babies, and only time will show how these babies grow up.

Bugs (HOLD):

Bunicula (HOLD):



Thumper (HOLD):

Velveteen (HOLD):

If you’re interested in an animal, or have any questions for ME, shoot us an email at Contact@MelsExotics.ca