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There are still some 2023 Bunny Babies looking for new homes!

Available List Updated April 29, 2024.
Photos taken April 23. Photography credit to Phynix (thank you!).
For baby photos and to see the entire litters, check out the 2023 Bunny Babies Page.

Price: All prices are in CAD. Individual prices are listed under each skink below.
Sex/Gender: No thank you/no idea. I can’t tell and finding out is expensive, so everything here is unsexed unless specifically noted. Make up a sex/gender, use a neutral name, or use whatever you want. None of us mind.
Discounts: Yes! Some babies have a $50 Dent Discount, see below. Additionally, for our always-available discounts see the Prices and Discounts page.
Delivery/Pickup: Free in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
Shipping: Across Canada, apx $120 but varies a lot.
Shipping outside Canada: Very expensive, I don’t recommend it.
Why the rabbit theme: 2023 was the Year of the Rabbit.
Contact: contact@melsexotics.ca

In 2023 I co-housed my babies in pairs, forgoing my typical dividers. It was a poor decision; in fall several pairs ended up fighting, and over the winter two lost their tails. Most injuries were minor, and everyone has been healing up well, but it means I’ve ended up holding onto a number of babies longer than I normally would while they healed up.

Of course they all live separately now (some have expanded into my juvenile rack), and I’ll be investing in some additional baby racks so I’m never tempted to co-house again. It goes great until one day they decide they hate each other. I’m including descriptions of each of the remaining skinks below, along with a base price and a Dent Discount (D.D.), if applicable.

Anyways, my mistake is your possible discount. If you don’t mind a skink with a minor imperfection like a scratch on their head, or a more permanent one like a stubby little tail, these babies are still perfect skinks otherwise and deserve great new homes. And of course there are some undented babies remaining as well, so be sure to check them all out.

On to the babies!

Parents: Alice x Drooly
Born July 19, 2023
This pairing never ceases to astound me; the babies always end up big, robust, and unusually friendly. Both parents are also quite pale in their yellows, and the babies from past litters definitely look like their parents. The babies from this litter will make excellent pets or future breeders.

Beveren has a small dent in his lip. I’m honestly not sure how he got it (biting a decoration?), and it’s not uncommon for skinks in my experience. We’ve kept it clean and applied a medicated cream, but it hasn’t completely filled in yet, so it counts as a dent.
Price: $500 – $50 D.D. = $450

Bouscat has nothing wrong, yay!
Price: $500

Hotot has a sore toe from some stuck shed. The shed is off, but the toe needs to be watched for a few sheds to ensure it heals and doesn’t get stuck again.
Price: $500 – $50 D.D. = $450

Marburger has a few minor scuffs on their head; these will continue to fade with time.
Price: $500 – $50 D.D. = $450

Mellerud lost a fight, and with it their tail. Thankfully it’s been healing up really well, but they will always have a stumpy butt. They also have some head scuffs that will continue to fade over time.
Price: $500 – $100 D.D. = $400

Sachsengold has a few minor scuffs on their head; these will continue to fade with time.
Price: $500 – $50 D.D. = $450

Thrianta has nothing wrong, yay!
Price: $500

Thuringer has nothing wrong, yay!
Price: $500

Parents: Clifford x Wasp
Born July 20, 2023
This litter was born with some weak babies, as was Clifford’s first litter last year. Clifford is retiring to a pet-only home, and this litter is being sold as pets.

Silver has nothing wrong, yay! However, because this litter was a bit weak, I am recommending Silver goes to a pet-only home.
Price: $400

Parents: Tatara x Taz
Born July 28, 2023
I know I’m going to get asked why this litter is so expensive compared to the others, so I’ll explain: these are Caramel Northerns. Bred for a specific colour and look, from lines sourced from Canada and the USA. The photos are stunning, but in person these animals are just breathtaking. If you’re interested in breeding some of the fancier blue tongue skinks, these are a fantastic addition to your breeding group. And of course they make excellent pet skinks too, like any Northern BTS tends to.

Azumarill has nothing wrong, yay!
Price: $700


Cinderace has nothing wrong (physically), yay!
Price: $700

Diggersby has nothing wrong, yay!
Price: $650

Lopany has a few minor scuffs on their head; these will continue to fade with time.
Lopany will be staying at Mel’s Exotics to hopefully be a future breeder! Everyone who sees them is just wow’d, and they definitely have the “glow” I was hoping for from this litter.

Raboot has a few minor scuffs on their head; these will continue to fade with time.
Price: $700 – $50 D.D. = $650

Parents: Marley x Drooly
Born July 29, 2023
This was a new pairing here, from some unique unrelated bloodlines, and the babies are turning out really lovely. I’ll be holding a couple of them back for a while to see how they continue to develop, while the rest are looking for lovely homes as pets or future breeders; maybe with you?

Bugs is missing the pinky toenail on both back feet. They also have a few minor scuffs on their head; these will continue to fade with time.
Price: $500 – $50 D.D. = $450

Bunicula either lost their tail to a sibling, or to some other misadventure during their time on the run post-fight. They disappeared from a closed bin not once, but twice, and the second time turned up missing part of their tail. Since moving to a hospital bin there have been no more escapes (that I’ve noticed), nor injuries. My vegetables do seem to be going bad awfully quickly though…
Bunicula will probably be staying here at Mel’s Exotics; they’ve won over the whole team and we’re excited to witness any future adventures.

Oswald has nothing wrong, yay!
Price: $500

Roger has a few minor scuffs on their head; these will continue to fade with time.
Price: $500 – $50 D.D. = $450

Thumper has a few minor scuffs on their head; these will continue to fade with time.
Price: $500 – $50 D.D. = $450

Velveteen is my smallest remaining 2023 baby, and will be staying here a bit longer at least to continue growing. Also, my best friend loves Velveteen, so I have a feeling there’s a home lined up if I decide to part with this one in the future. They’re just too cute.

If you’re interested in an animal, or have any questions for ME, shoot us an email at Contact@MelsExotics.ca