Available at ME

Save up to $150 on a 2022 Baby Northern Blue Tongue Skink!

If you know you want a 2022 baby northern blue tongue, you can buy it now and get access to all the babies before they go on sale to the general public. And on top of just getting priority access, you save $100 by pre-buying your baby.

((Wait, you said $150? Yes, ME always offers a $50 discount for anyone who joins an online Blue Tongue Group, and we’ve decided these discounts can stack to save you a total of $150.))

Normal baby northern price is $400+shipping.
Sale runs until the end of April.
Pay now, get an extra $100 off, and get priority access to the 2022 babies.

Only northerns are guaranteed because I don’t have a lot of the other subspecies.
If somehow ME doesn’t have enough 2022 babies the babies may come from a breeder friend.
If somehow there are no babies available at all, refunds will be provided.

If you’re interested in this sale, or have any questions at all regarding blue tongue skinks, shoot us an email at Contact@MelsExotics.ca