Blue Tongue Skinks

There are 11 main species of Blue Tongue Skinks that can be found in captivity. Some species have multiple subspecies and/or colour variations. Mel’s Exotics hopes to earn the chance to work will all types of BTS in the many years ahead.

At the present, ME is home to Irian Jaya, Merauke, Northern, and Tanimbar BTS.

Irian Jaya BTS are possibly the most common pet BTS. They are imported from Indonesia in large numbers every year. They are a mid-size to large BTS with a very docile temperament.

Merauke BTS are a very long-bodied species that are regularly imported from Indonesia, but very rarely bred in captivity. They are a very gentle species with long, long tails.

Northern BTS are the other common pet skink. They originate in Australia and thus cannot be imported anymore. Thankfully there are many breeders working with this large, colourful and active species.

Tanimbar BTS are fairly rare in captive collections because they have a bad reputation for being aggressive. They are probably not the best family pet, but they are small and beautiful lizards who can be fairly tame if born in captivity.

Species that ME does not currently have include Blotched, Centralian, Eastern, Indonesian, Kei Island, Shingleback, and Western Blue Tongue Skinks. The endangered Pygmy BTS can not legally be in captive collections. For more information on everything about Blue Tongue Skinks please check out