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Hello friends! I’m back home in Winnipeg now, and wow do I have so much I want to share with you. The CRBE trip was exhausting, exciting, huge, enlightening, inspiring, and so so many more adjectives. I met some of the kindest people and got to see a few friends who I’ve only ever known online. I met a few of my favourite community voices and got to be part of what I hope is a step to bringing the animal-loving community together.

While I wasn’t able to bring any animals to sell, I’ve now received offers on my monkey tails, pink tongues, and most of my blue tongues. That leaves my Peters Banded Skinks, which I suppose will remain here and I will try to upgrade their enclosure again to promote a better breeding result.

Honestly, my biggest regret was that I couldn’t do more. I would have preferred to not have a table myself and instead help at my friends table and have more freedom to wander and do interviews with all the amazing booths that were there. I’m hoping some other YouTubers have better video. If you haven’t already seen the videos I did manage to do, please check out my YouTube!

If YouTube isn’t your thing, I’ll try to post a more complete written account of the event soon, at least regarding what all happened for me and my friends there. It was an adventure for sure.

In regards to sales, I still don’t have a proper platform to post animal sales or merchandise sales. I have some photos of some available skinks to post, probably on my Available page, so check there shortly. Sales still need to go through contact@melsexotics.ca (I’m so sorry this has backed up so badly, I’m swear I’m trying my best, it’s just a struggle atm).

I’m going to try to post my merchandise items on my Buy Me A Coffee! There isn’t really a good “shop” feature there yet, but it does let me give discounts to my BMAC members, so I’m giving it a try. Check under the Extras section, to be updated ASAP.

Umm, what else. I’m going out to the Narcisse Snake Dens tomorrow. If you want to join me on that mini-adventure message me on Discord or Facebook.

Some pics for fun!

Pink Tongue Skinks:

Blue Tongue Skinks:




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My name is Melanie Pratt and I am an animal addict. My current addiction is Blue Tongue Skinks, and I have about 20 breeding adults right now.
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