2011 Fluke x Wasp Babies

Litter #2
8 babies born on August 29, 2011
Female: Fluke (Classic Northern)
Bred with: Wasp (Classic Northern)

Baby HI – SOLD
Baby HI is a shy, quiet baby. He’s a little butterball right now. He’s a bit timid but a very sweet little skink.

Baby MX – SOLD
Baby MX is a very smart little skink who’s going to make an awesome pet. MX is calm and relaxed, great for a new skink owner.

Baby NY – SOLD
Baby NY is a bundle of energy with a gorgeous light color. He can be a bit defensive at first, but once out of his tank he’s a very active and curious fellow.

Baby QD – SOLD
Baby QD is the darkest of all Fluke’s babies. He’s a bit defensive and skittish in his tank, and once out he doesn’t stop going.

Baby SS – SOLD
Baby SS is a shy skink with a beautiful light yellow pattern. He’s not much of an explorer; he prefers to curl up with a warm person.

Baby TP – SOLD
Baby TP was born at half the size of his siblings and has a very different appearance. My mother has fallen in love with the little guy, so he’ll be staying with me.

Baby TW – SOLD
Baby TW is the calmest of all the babies. He’s very laid-back and is going to make a fantastic pet skink. TW has a unique band on his neck with a neat T mark.

Baby VM – SOLD
Baby VM is a brilliant orange baby. He’s a bit skittish and likes to hide, but he’s a sweetheart and a great cuddler.