2017 IJs

Litter 2017-3: Irian Jayas – Parents: Tsukasa x Musashi – Born May 27, 2017
Irian Jayas are not as commonly bred in captivity in Canada, so having some this year is a treat. They have personalities similar to Northerns, but perhaps a bit more laid back. These babies should get more colourful with every shed. They are priced at $400 each plus shipping.

Pulë – Temporary Hold

Oilaskoa – Temporary Hold

Ayam – Temporary Hold

Frango – Temporary Hold

Litter 2017-4: Irian Jayas – Parents: Toriyama x Musashi – Born May 31, 2017
These colourful parents have made some great babies that are already beginning to colour up. This litter is closely related to the above litter, so I recommend getting other unrelated animals if you are thinking of breeding.

Tavuk – Temporary Hold

Hoender – Temporary Hold

Cālis – Temporary Hold

Pullum – Temporary Hold

Kypka – Temporary Hold

Manok – Temporary Hold

Cearc – Temporary Hold