Flambe and Saute

History: These animals are of unknown origin. They were supplied by National to Petsmart here in Winnipeg in October of 2015. Flambe arrived first and had burns on her head and scars on various parts of her body. She was deemed unsellable and sent to me. National sent a replacement to the Petsmart, this time Saute, who had the same injuries and was again sent to me. Both have since recovered very well, though they still have some scaring and weird scales. In 2017 Flambe (female) produced 5 babies, and while Saute (male) didn’t produce anything, he did breed with multiple females in spring. They were approximately the same size when they arrived and were obviously living in similar conditions and likely with multiple other skinks (based on the scarring), so are possibly siblings, but that is not for sure at all.