Meet the 2022 ME Babies

Please note these babies are all spoken for at the moment.

Litter 1: Classic Northerns
Clifford x Tex
Born: July 05

Litter 2: Caramel Northern
Parents: Tiberius x Tex
Born: July 18

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Hello friends,

As many of you already know, 2022 hasn’t been going as well as I’d hoped. Between the record bad litters of blue tongues and some unexpected expenses, the coffers have run dry. So here I am, making the decision to sell or rehome a number of my animals. I’m still keeping most of my adult blue tongues, but the rest of my collection is up for discussion, but only to qualified homes that can provide excellent care.

Available animals fall into two categories: healthy, breedable animals of various ages, or animals with health issues who could use a pet-only home. For this downsizing I want to see the enclosure the animals will be going into – I’m rehoming these animals to give them a better home than I can provide, so I’m going to be picky.

I’ll be working on getting photos of all the animals over the long weekend. For now here’s what I have:

Blue Tongue Skinks
Everyone who pre-ordered a baby blue tongue can get one (check your emails for info). If you did not already pre-order there are currently no extra babies available. If that changes I will post about it here. Here’s hoping 2023 will be a better year for getting babies.
I do have older skinks available:
I have some adult Irian Jayas and Meraukes who need a home that can provide more consistent humidity, some are missing toes from previous bad sheds.
I have some juvenile and adult Northerns looking for new homes as pets and/or breeders.

Pink Tongue Skinks
I have 9 pink tongues of various ages/sizes. Two are pet-only, one requiring ongoing vet care. The remainder are healthy and breedable from various European lines.

Monkey Tail Skinks
I have a single monkey tail skink, age and sex unknown, requiring ongoing vet care. Very friendly animal, but I don’t have to resources to continue treatment myself.
I also have a family of 4 monkey tail skinks, believed to be 1.3 (but one female is the juvenile daughter, so should probably be separated soon). All very healthy – they deserve a better enclosure than I can provide.

Peters Banded Skinks
I have a cohabbitating group of 7 peters banded skinks (I believe 2.5 or 3.4). These animals are healthy and thriving. I would like them to have a better enclosure with someone dedicated to breeding this species.
I also have a single peters banded that came to be as a rescue. It’s doing well but doesn’t have much appetite yet. It has been seeing a vet and is anticipated to be a healthy breedable animal in the future.

If you are interested in any of these animals please email

Many thanks,

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A Visit from Obie’s Worms!

Hello friends!
I’m so excited to share today’s video with you! Sarah and Greg from Obie’s Worms came to visit and tell us about their Halifax-based business. This company is growing literal tons of sustainable protein that supports not only reptiles but all kinds of animals (even people!). Heck, even gardeners can benefit from these products! All thanks to an amazing insect called the Black Soldier Fly.

Can you tell I think Obie’s Worms is pretty cool? I hope this video gets viewers excited about them too. Send some support their way and visit to learn more and see their full range of Black Soldier Fly based products.

If you’re located around Winnipeg and want to try some BSFL for your own animals, or are interested in any of their products, let me know! I’m hoping to do regular orders from Obie’s for my own critters, so we can combine orders to save on shipping 🙂

Many thanks,

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Gartner Snakes and a Service Dog

Hey friends,

In tonight’s video I tour the Narcisse Snake Dens with my sister Kortny and her service dog Mouse. Located in Manitoba, Canada, this protected site is the home to the worlds largest gathering of snakes – Red Sided Garter Snakes! As we walk the trail I’ll tell you a bit about pits, and what made 2022 such a strange year.

I know it’s odd to release multiple videos a day, but Mouse was just put on palliative care and I’m really hurting. I love you Mouse. Thank you. Sweet dreams.

If anyone has a warm thought to send to my sister, or a cute animal photo to share, or any tips to deal with grief, let me know.

Many thanks,

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2022 Baby Season Update – Clifford had babies!

Hello friends! Baby season has officially started at Mel’s Exotics!

It’s my favourite time of year – Baby Season! First-time mom Clifford was the first to pop and gave me 6 adorable babies. Be sure to watch the video to see what’s unusual about this litter, and follow for updates on this litter and any more to come 🙂

Many thanks,

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A Pregnancy Photoshoot – Now On Video!

Hey friends! It’s been a while since I talked about breeding my blue tongue skinks, so here’s a photoshoot showing off my pregnant lizards, their 2022 partners, and some bonus critter shenanigans!

In this video my photographer friend Jacquie visits again to help me with a pregnancy shoot to announce my hopeful 2022 litters. I worked extra hard on this video because I really love showing off my skinks. I really hope y’all enjoy it!

Hey, do you enjoy my YouTube content? If you do, you can help me out:
– Engage with my content (like, comment, share, subscribe)
– Go watch a couple more YouTube videos after mine

If you’re not really into YouTube content, you can also find me on a variety of social media sites:

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Vending at the Spring 2022 MRBE

Happy Friday Friends!

This weekend Mel’s Exotics will be vending at the Manitoba Reptile Breeders Expo. If you’re in Manitoba be sure to come check us out at the show!

Today’s video features the pre-show preparations I’ve been doing as a vendor. Enjoy 🙂

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Updates and Upcoming Events

Hello friends!

A lot has been happening lately, and there’s a lot more coming up.

What you’re probably wondering about the most is what the status is for breeding blue tongue skinks this year. I’m thrilled to say we had 9 females breed, and they’re looking really promising at this time, so I’m hoping for a bushel of babies any day now. However it could still be a month before they actually pop, so right now it’s just a big waiting game.

Next weekend, June 25 and 26, I will be vending at the Manitoba Reptile Breeders Expo. If you live or around Manitoba, please come check it out and say hi to me at my booth. And I’ll say the MRBE isn’t the only expo I plan to attend this year, so keep an eye out for more updates over the coming months!

Another exciting change is I’ve been working with an artist to do a brand update for Mel’s Exotics. You’ll see changes to the website and all my social medias in the next while, but enjoy this sneak peek of my new logo!

If you didn’t already know, I started a YouTube channel last year. It’s been inspiring me to keep improving myself and the lives of my animals. It’s part animal content and part vlog. I’m trying to upload regularly, so if you ever want to see what I’ve been up to, consider checking it out!
Mel’s Exotics on YouTube

That’s certainly far from everything that we’ve been up to here, but I’ll leave it at that for today. I want to extend my thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to support ME. I’m having so much fun sharing my love of these critters with the world, and I couldn’t do it without all of my supporters, friends and family. Thank you everyone!


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Part Time Job Opportunity

Part Time Job Opportunity

Mel’s Exotics is looking to hire a responsible individual to help care for my animal collection.

The position entails caring for my collection of reptiles (mostly lizards). Cleaning enclosures, feeding, watering, maintaining records, keeping the basement tidy, noting unusual changes, noting needed supplies, etc. Additional tasks may include handling animals, assisting with medications, setting up new enclosures, etc. Your primary goal is to keep the animals healthy.

Location is on Edison Avenue in Winnipeg, MB.
Hours are 2x/week, for approximately 3-4 hours at a time, paying $75/week.
All training is provided, but individual must be able to do physical labour and carry ~20lbs. There is a lot of cleaning involved in this position.
Eventually I would like you to be able to work unsupervised, but that is not totally required and can be worked towards over time.

Previous reptile experience is a bonus.

Mel’s Exotics is LGBT and mental-illness friendly, and that is expected of our employees as well.

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The 2022 Lineup – Meet the Girls

So far the 2022 breeding season has been very busy here, and we have 9 lovely skink ladies who’ll hopefully give us some incredible babies in the coming months. No one is showing much just yet, but we’re starting to see behaviour changes like eating less and basking more. Keep your fingers crossed that everyone has easy pregnancies and we get lots of adorable babies in May/June/July!

First up is Wocket, the silver tanimbar. Wocket bred to Cash, a wild-type silver tanimbar.

Next up is Clifford, a young Northern lass. She’s in shed right now, but usually has a lovely red tint to her. She bred to Tex, who also has some lovely reds.

Third is Peaches, who is practically glowing after her recent shed. She bred to Alrick, who also has some bright colours to show off.

Fourth is Fluke, one of my original girls, still going strong. Fluke bred to Wasp this year, for a litter of gorgeous dark, speckly classic Northern babies.

Next up is Tiberius, the caramel northern. Tiberius bred to Taz, an incredible caramel northern – I’m so excited to see the babies from these two!

Alice, my largest northern, bred to Drooly. Both skinks are light coloured and their last litter together was incredibly sweet, so here’s hoping for another great litter from these two.

Another skink currently in shed, Araucana the northern bred to Penn this year. Both are dark and speckly – I’m hoping for some very dark and bold babies.

Number eight is Bomber, the oddball classic northern. She was line-bred back to her father, Wasp, in the hopes of seeing if her colour/pattern is genetic. Fingers crossed for healthy babies!

Last, but certainly not least, is my lady Evita. She consistently produces big, healthy litters of classic northerns. She bred to Penn this year, so these classics should be quite dark and speckled!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at the girls. I’ll get photos of the boys soon as well 🙂 Be well my friends!

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