Looking for New Homes

Hello friends! Since I’ve took this year off and have been downsizing I haven’t really had much in the way of available skinks. However there are a few skinks remaining here that are “less than perfect” – smaller than normal, or missing some toes. I’m now trying to find these wonderful skinks the perfect pet-only home, where they can spend their days being spoiled rotten, and their new owners know to watch for any potential issues.

If you think you might be able to provide a great home for one of the skinks, let me know 🙂

Doxie – 2018 Irian Jaya – Missing most toes

Newfie – 2018 Irian Jaya – Missing toes

Rottie – 2018 Irian Jaya – Missing toes, bend in back from climbing

Smudge – 2020 Northern – Runt of the litter

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Answers for the 200% Voucher Offer

Answers for the 200% Voucher Offer
I’ve had a few questions so far, so here’s some additional information about the vouchers I’m offering.
How does it work?
Whatever donation amount you send now is worth double that amount whenever you next purchase something (for example a 2022 baby northern).
How long will the offer go?
Until I either have enough donations to pay for all of the xrays I need (apx $3000), or I finish getting the xrays done (maybe a month?). Whichever comes first I suppose.
Are there any animals available now?
Currently no. There are between 6-12 animals that are planned to be available later this year, including some 2020 northerns, some 2019 IJs, and some older northerns. Some are pet-only and have cosmetic issues (missing toes), some are extremely defensive, some will be known-sex breeder quality animals. Prices will range from $100 to over $500 depending on the animal.
What will be available in 2022?
Because I didn’t breed this year all of my animals will be breedable next year. I have 8 confirmed females, many of whom consistently produce big healthy litters of adorable northerns for me. I also have a large number of unconfirmed sex animals that will be breeding for the first time in 2022. I feel it is safe to say I will get at least a few litters of northerns, possibly some tanimbars and IJs as well.
Is the voucher good for anything except for animals?
There is no guarantee, but there is a plan to get some merchandise made in 2022, including some skink (or other reptile) enrichment items.
How can I send a donation?
I set up a GoFundMe, but I also just take typical payment types like PayPal and EMT.
Feel free to message me here or email at MelanieJPratt@gmail.com with any questions.
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Save 50% on a Blue Tongue Skink

Are you considering getting a blue tongue skink and want to save some money, or perhaps you’re just willing to donate to an interesting cause? Read on, my friends!

Tl;dr: I’m getting all my skinks radiographed (x-rayed). Donate any amount towards getting my skinks x-rayed, get double that amount towards future purchases, including planned 2022 babies. Email MelanieJPratt@gmail.com if this interests you.

The story: I’m creating a fundraiser to help with the cost of getting a number of my blue tongue skinks radiographed (x-rayed).

I have the opportunity to participate in a small study involving using radiographs to determine the sex of blue tongue skinks. If you’re in the blue tongue community you’re probably aware that contrast radiography is an option (use a special dye that shows up on the x-ray), but only for mature skinks. A radiograph technologist friend has a theory about the pelvic structure of the skinks, but needs a larger sample size of known-sex radiographs to confirm (or disprove) the theory.

If proven, this could potentially allow blue tongue skinks to be sexed at any size/age with a typical x-ray, negating the need for contrast and allowing keepers to sex their skinks far more easily. Some of the initial findings using past x-rays are promising, so I am excited to see where this study leads.

Additionally, I have been wanting to get radiographs done of some of my skinks for my own purposes. I would like to confirm current bone density, see how scoliosis or MBD have effected the skeletal structures of the skinks who have those conditions, and perhaps find out the sex of some of the skinks who are currently unknown.

I have already made arrangements with a local veterinary office (Centennial Animal Hospital), and they have offered me a very reasonable price to get a number of x-rays done of multiple skinks, including standard radiographs, pelvic radiographs, and contrast radiographs. The skinks will be able to go in groups of six for about $400 (taxes included). If you know medical prices you know this is an excellent opportunity, however I have nearly 50 blue tongues that could potentially be radiographed, which would be a significant cost. At a minimum I would like to get at least my 12 known-sex northern blue tongues radiographed to help with the study, but ideally I would like radiographs of all the skinks, including my remaining babies, so we can see how the theory holds up for babies and juveniles as well.

And so I’ve decided to start this fundraiser in an effort to afford these radiographs.

How it works: If you’re considering donating and would like some incentive, I am offering to double your donation towards any Mel’s Exotics purchases. If you donate $10, you get a $20 voucher. Donate $100, get $200. And so on.

The voucher can be used towards any Mel’s Exotics purchase, including holdback-release and 2022 baby blue tongue skinks (and shipping)! If you know you’re going to want a new friend in 2022, here’s the chance to get it at half-price! My babies typically sell for $300-$500 CAD depending on the subspecies and colour type, and if things go according to plan 2022 will have a large number of different litters available (additional information coming soon).

You can contact me ahead of time to get a price+shipping quote if you like, but in general a CBB northern baby shipped to your door within Canada is about $500 usually. Half off that is a huge savings. I am also able to ship to the USA, it just costs more so usually isn’t worthwhile for American customers. Feel free to contact me and we can see what it would cost to send a baby to your location (Canada and USA only, sorry friends). I can be contacted at MelanieJPratt@gmail.com.

I hope you will consider supporting this fundraiser if you are able, or sharing this fundraiser to friends and family who may be interested. Thank you so much for any and all support! I will keep everyone updated on how this radiograph adventure goes.

Many thanks,

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Update from Mel’s Exotics

Hello friends,

Anyone who’s been checking has probably noticed I’ve been away for a while. I’m sorry for leaving everyone hanging. Here’s the bad, the good, and sales info:

The bad: I have had absolutely terrible mental health issues the past few years. Winters are particularly bad, but it didn’t always get better in spring. I’ve tried a variety of medications and therapy treatments, some of which definitely helped, but I’ve still been struggling.

Long story short covid definitely didn’t help, and 2020 had some really low blows, including losing some important animals for different reasons (I’ll post about them when I can). Then winter hit, and the mites I’d been fighting hit my babies, juveniles, and humid species hard. I lost a lot of skinks in a couple months, and I had absolutely no energy to fight back. It was bad; worse than I can adequately explain here.

My sisters stepped in to help me with fighting the mites and helping the remaining skinks while I sought medical help. I decided not to breed anything in 2021 while I recovered and re-assessed.

The good: I am doing better. I have new meds that have helped. I have a new therapy appointment set up. My sisters continue to help me. The mites have been thoroughly fought this time, and while it’s not totally done I think they’re gone. The skinks are getting better, I’m getting better, overall things are just slowly improving. The goal is to keep that improvement going now. There will be a lot of changes to make it easier to care for the critters and to keep me more engaged with them.

As part of my progress I started a YouTube channel about a month ago now. It literally documents some of my progress as I work to improve myself, my setups, my habits, etc etc etc. There’s also just some fun videos with the critters. If you want to check it out: Mel’s Exotics on YouTube.

Sales Info: Sales were basically suspended since late last summer, whenever I first noticed mites. Some animals were sold or rehomed during mite-downtimes, but basically since fall Mel’s Exotics was practically shut down. I didn’t breed, so I won’t have any 2021 babies to sell.

However, there still are a few IJs, juvenile northerns, and baby northerns here that will be looking for new homes once I can guarantee they are mite-free and healthy. Otherwise, if I can keep my brain healthy, I’m hoping 2022 will be a big year for baby skinks, and I’ll have a bunch available. I’ll add a waitlist for 2022 babies where anyone who contacts me about them in 2021 will be put on a list for a discounted price in 2022. Please give me a week to sort that out and post it.

I will also add a post that links to a few other Canadian breeders who did breed this year, so y’all can contact them if you’re currently in the market for a baby skink and don’t want to wait. These breeders are great folks I consider to be good friends, so go ahead and support them, especially if you’re nearby.

I think that’s about it for now. Thank you everyone for all the support I’ve received as I try to get better. I’ve had incredible support from family, friends, coworkers, and customers – every bit of it makes my heart feel so darned good. Thank you all.

Many thanks,

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2020 Litter – Evita x Jenga

Another litter of babies to announce! On June 23 classic northern Evita had 12 adorable babies, fathered by caramel northern Jenga. This is a first time pairing for these two, so it should be interesting to see what dark Evita and pale Jenga have managed to produce.

These babies are already a week and a half old, so they’ll be getting their ID photos and will be put up for sale on the website soon. This is probably my last litter for the year, as Fluke doesn’t seem to pregnant. Still, I’m pretty happy with all my 2020 babies 🙂


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June Pride 2020

Welcome to Pride Month 2020.

Myself and many of my friends and family members are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and supporting other queer folks is important to me. While I have mostly spent this month focused on the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, my sister and I took the opportunity during the Alice-baby photoshoot to get some delightful pride photos.

A portion of each sale this month & next will be donated to LGBTQ+ and BLM causes. If you’re buying from me and have a specific cause you think deserves the donation, let me know. And I know it can be controversial to both be out and to support BLM at the moment, but that’s all the more reason for me to speak up where I can. There are fights worth fighting.

Still with me and want to see what skinks are available? I’ve updated my general list HERE, and I’ve created a page for the 2020 babies HERE. I will be going through and responding to all my emails and messages, so if you’ve written me expect a reply soon.

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2020 Litter – Alice x Drooly

I am happy to announce that on May 28 my long-awaited Alice x Drooly litter was born! Mama Alice had 16 healthy babies, one runt (RIP unfortunately), and one slug. This litter is very exciting for me, as they are unrelated to any of my other skinks, and both parents are very pale/white coloured, unlike many of my darker type skinks.

Today the 16 babies are 2 weeks old and doing great, so they’ve been named and separated into individual bins, and they’ll be ready to go to new homes soon. As they shed I will be taking individual photos to post. These babies will be $500 each, plus shipping.

My other two females are showing some good signs of pregnancy (never a guarantee), but are still likely a few weeks from being born. If they do have babies those will be $400 plus shipping. I also have connections with several other breeders across Canada, so if you’re close to one of them I may suggest you contact them to hopefully avoid a shipping fee.

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Upcoming Litter(s)

I’m going to be posting some older skinks as available shortly, but also wanted to let everyone know that I am hoping for 1-3 litters of northerns to pop in the upcoming months. It’s never a sure thing, but there are good signs so far.

Alice 2020

The first expected litter would be Alice and Drooly. She’s at 111 days post-breeding today, looks like a balloon, and is doing the “preggo-breathing” that mean hopefully there will be babies soon. Fingers are crossed.

This litter has been one I’ve wanted for several years as both Alice and Drooly are very pale northerns, which I don’t have much of in my bloodlines. Any babies in this litter will be $500 + shipping. I will post if/when any pop.

Alice 2020 Drooly 2020

There are two other litters possible as well – Fluke bred with Wasp and Evita bred with Jenga, both on March 4. That means they’re at 69 days today, so still another month or so before babies are likely. If either of them have babies the babies will be $400+shipping. I’ll post about them more as we get closer to possible due dates.

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Website Attack

Hey friends. Long time no see. My website appears to have suffered from a “pharma hack” where it’s used to advertise medications. I’m trying to repair or replace it. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately in addition to the website problems, I’ve also lost a couple very loved animals here, and Pooch the boa has been fighting some type of lung infection that’s been fending off all medications so far. Add to that the worldwide Covid issues, and I can say it’s just been a bit of a gong show lately.

There are still animals here available for sale/rehoming, and 3 possible litters of northerns for 2020. Fingers are crossed. Alice could potentially pop anytime now, while Fluke and Evita would still be a couple months out if their pairings took. I will post here if anything happens.

Overall I’m still not back to normal, but trying to keep moving forward.

Feel free to email me at MelanieJPratt@gmail.com and I will try to respond quickly.

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Available & Downsizing

Hey friends,

In an effort to reduce my numbers and be more able to provide the kind of enclosures and care I want for my animals, I’m downsizing my collection. Most of what’s going is higher-humidity species, which don’t seem to be doing well in my home despite my misting system. There are also some stunning 2019 babies looking for new homes.

To see everything that is available please see: Reptiles To Go

If you are interested in any of the animals please email MelanieJPratt@gmail.com

My hope is that this reduction will mean I can make more time for really spoiling the remaining animals and enjoy the hobby again.

(I will also note that while I was offline my website appears to have become infected with something that advertises medicine when I share links. I’m trying to fix this, but please ignore any weirdness you happen to see in the meantime.)

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