Behind the Scenes – Geckos

To break up the constant stream of baby skink photos (there’s more coming, no worries) here’s some pictures of the geckos living here at ME 🙂

Yesterday was cleaning/feeding day for the geckos. I have three groups of young geckos here:
My patternless fat tails:
Patternless Fatties
My caramel fat tails:
Caramel Fatties
And my whiteout group of fat tails:
Whiteout Fatties

While I cleaned out their bins the geckos got a short bath. Unlike the baby skinks, the fatties do not get regular baths – they actually notice each other and must be watched very closely (I don’t want any underaged breeding during bath time). One benefit of the bath though is I get to help out with any leftover shed. This time two geckos had a bit of shed on their toes, and one had some shed on her head:
Shed on gecko footShed on gecko head

The toe shed is super easy to remove, but the head shed took a bit of extra effort. Thanks to a small piece of wet paper towel and a moist q-tip, she was back to her usual gorgeous self in no time:
SoakingAfter shed removal

While the geckos were in the bath, I cleaned out their bins. The bins were pretty dirty to start with:
Cleaning Geckos
Everything is removed, the geckos are put in the bath, and I get to work doing a quick scrub-down of the bins:
Cleaning GeckosCleaning Geckos
Then the bins get new paper towel (lightly sprayed) and the moist hide is soaked down and replaced. Before going home the geckos get a quick cuddle/checked for shed:
Cleaning GeckosCleaning Geckos
Clean gecko bins:
Cleaning Geckos

For feeding times all my geckos get a nice yummy dish of mealworms, lightly dusted with calcium-plus:
Gecko Food
Happy geckos:
Gecko FoodGecko Food
Gecko FoodGecko Food
Gecko FoodGecko Food

I also have a group of three adult fat tails living together in a large PVC tank. The male only eats frozen/thawed pinky mice, but I’m trying to convert him over. This group also got fed and I took a few quick photos:
Gecko ColonyGecko Colony
Gecko ColonyGecko Colony
Gecko ColonyGecko Colony

Lastly, and not a gecko, my boa Pooch also got fed. He’s a hungry little bugger now, and tried to rush me when I was taking too long to give him his rat, lol. He’s a wonderful snake, and I’m glad he’s finally got his appetite turned on 😀
Feeding PoochFeeding Pooch

I hope you’re enjoying these little peaks into life here at ME. I promise there’s more baby photos on the way!

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My name is Melanie Pratt and I am an animal addict. My current addiction is Blue Tongue Skinks, and I have about 20 breeding adults right now.
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