Behind the Scenes – Babies

Looking after a horde of animals means spending a lot of time cleaning, feeding, playing, and cleaning some more. Today I took some photos of what the babies did for a quick behind-the-scenes look at life here at ME.

First off I gave all the babies a bath. Bathtime here serves a few purposes: the babies get a drink of water, I get to make sure there’s no issues like stuck shed, and I can clean out all the bins while the babies are soaking. It’s also a great time for some pictures.
The 14 caramel northern babies:
Caramel BathCaramel Bath
Caramel BathCaramel Bath
The 6 classic northern babies:
Classic BathClassic Bath
Classic Bath

The babies also get weighed regularly to make sure they’re growing well:
Weighing BabiesWeighing Babies

For feeding time I first prepare a yummy meal (today was an egg, a bit of dog food, and some greens) and cut 10 regular food dishes in half to make 20 baby-size dishes. The babies eat stunningly tiny amounts compared to the adults:
Baby FoodBaby Food
And then the little guys get to chow down:
Eating BabyEating Baby

A few notes:
1) You may have noticed there are only 14 caramels in today’s photos. One baby was very weak; he had some internal issues and sadly did not make it. All the remaining babies are eating and pooping constantly – a great sign that they’re healthy little squirts.
2) One caramel baby is missing the very tip of it’s tail. It’s possible it was born that way or that a sibling grabbed it when they were first born. The baby is perfectly healthy (may even be a holdback, he’s so pretty), I just wanted to address it in case anyone was wondering.
3) So far two babies have started shedding. I expect the rest should start in the next couple days. Hopefully the majority will be done by next weekend so I can get some pretty photos of them for the available page 🙂
4) Still no change in my other possible-preggo girls. Fat and lazy as usual, lol.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. This week the babies will start being handled much more and maybe even take their first trip outdoors 🙂 So stay tuned for more photos.

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