Breeding Season Approaches!

It’s just about time to start trying to pair up the fall-breeding species here at ME, and brumation is starting for most of the other animals. We had no babies here in 2015, but could be overrun this year if all goes well. Fingers are crossed!

Possible babies in 2016 include:
-Northern & Caramel Northern blue tongue skinks
-Merauke blue tongue skinks
-Irian Jaya blue tongue skinks
-Silver & Yellow Tanimbar blue tongue skinks
-Classic, amelanistic, caramel albino, patternless, whiteout, zero/stinger, & super zero/stinger African fat tail geckos
-California kingsnakes
-Chinese water skinks (not actually expected this year)

As an additional note, I am changes back the contact e-mail to my person e-mail ( for now. The alternate e-mail unfortunately did not work out as planned, but I’m thankful for the break it gave me and I’m ready to jump back in 🙂

About Fatal_S

My name is Melanie Pratt and I am an animal addict. My current addiction is Blue Tongue Skinks, and I have about 20 breeding adults right now.
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