Fluke Babies 2014!

Yesterday, July 29, Fluke gave birth to 13 healthy and beautiful baby blueys! As such I am delighted to say I will have more than enough babies available for everyone on the waitlist this year 😀

Fluke is a classic northern. The father of these babies, Jenga, is a caramel northern. It’s hard to tell with newborns, but the babies appear to have the paler, creamier colours of their father. Even so, as they are not pure caramels they are being sold as classic northerns.

In other news, it does not look like Izuru, my irian jaya, is pregnant this year (I had an x-ray taken). I am bringing in 7 baby irian jayas from Ray Gurgui in the USA next week – a few will be available for sale.

Some baby pictures:
2014 Fluke Babies2014 Fluke Babies

Auntie Snoopy was included in the impromptu photoshoot:
Auntie SnoopyAuntie Snoopy

A comparison between the two litters. This is a newborn Fluke baby with Waldo, a 3-week-old Evita baby.
Baby ComparisonBaby Comparison

And here’s a photo Ray sent me of the IJ litter, and a picture of a baby he kept last year, from the same parents:
Ray G. IJsRay G. IJ
(There were 8 in the litter, but one was purchased already. One baby was also born with a stub-tail – he’s perfectly healthy, just a bit different looking.)

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