Happy New Years!

It’s officially 2014 now, which means ME is looking forward to an amazing year ahead. 2013 was a hard year for me, but it was my amazing customers who made all the work worthwhile. I cannot say how much I love to see photos and hear updates on my babies. I have the best customers; thank you all!

To celebrate the new year I took some new pictures of the few remaining babies here at ME. There are currently seven young blue tongues still here, though only 3 are still available. I took New Years photos of all seven.
Talos (reserved):
Talos is big and sweet. He’ll soon be going to his new home, and I’ll miss his great personality.
New Year TalosNew Year Talos
Taz (holdback):
Taz, with her amazing colours and stub tail, is my baby <3 I’m so in love.
New Year TazNew Year Taz
Tiberius (on hold):
Tiberius is a big dork. He spent the entire photo shoot trying to eat the fabric.
New Year TiberiusNew Year Tiberius
Travis (available):
Travis is a sweetie-pie. He’s a bit shy, but he’s really adorable and fantastic.
New Year TravisNew Year Travis
Turk (available):
Turk is a great all-around skink – friendly and outgoing. He’ll make a great family pet 🙂
New Year TurkNew Year Turk
Tyler (available):
Tyler is full of personality. When he’s out of his bin he wants to explore and his tongue is constantly going. I took a dozen photos and just missed the tongue-shot each time.
New Year TylerNew Year Tyler
Hannibal (on hold):
Hannibal is the only classic left. She’s always reminded me of her beautiful mother, Hank <3
New Year HannibalNew Year Hannibal

I’m also happy to introduce five new fat tails here at ME 🙂 These guys are from Ohio Gecko in the USA and bring some very neat new morphs to my group. In order, there is one male (a zero het super zero), his two girlfriends (stinger het super stinger and a super stinger), and two starburst gals too. I also have a brand new vision rack on order for all the geckos to move into; I’ll be sure to take lots of photos when it arrives. For now here’s some pictures from when these geckos arrived:
ZeroStingerSuper Stinger
Starburst 1Starburst 2

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My name is Melanie Pratt and I am an animal addict. My current addiction is Blue Tongue Skinks, and I have about 20 breeding adults right now.
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