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Are you considering getting a blue tongue skink and want to save some money, or perhaps you’re just willing to donate to an interesting cause? Read on, my friends!

Tl;dr: I’m getting all my skinks radiographed (x-rayed). Donate any amount towards getting my skinks x-rayed, get double that amount towards future purchases, including planned 2022 babies. Email if this interests you.

The story: I’m creating a fundraiser to help with the cost of getting a number of my blue tongue skinks radiographed (x-rayed).

I have the opportunity to participate in a small study involving using radiographs to determine the sex of blue tongue skinks. If you’re in the blue tongue community you’re probably aware that contrast radiography is an option (use a special dye that shows up on the x-ray), but only for mature skinks. A radiograph technologist friend has a theory about the pelvic structure of the skinks, but needs a larger sample size of known-sex radiographs to confirm (or disprove) the theory.

If proven, this could potentially allow blue tongue skinks to be sexed at any size/age with a typical x-ray, negating the need for contrast and allowing keepers to sex their skinks far more easily. Some of the initial findings using past x-rays are promising, so I am excited to see where this study leads.

Additionally, I have been wanting to get radiographs done of some of my skinks for my own purposes. I would like to confirm current bone density, see how scoliosis or MBD have effected the skeletal structures of the skinks who have those conditions, and perhaps find out the sex of some of the skinks who are currently unknown.

I have already made arrangements with a local veterinary office (Centennial Animal Hospital), and they have offered me a very reasonable price to get a number of x-rays done of multiple skinks, including standard radiographs, pelvic radiographs, and contrast radiographs. The skinks will be able to go in groups of six for about $400 (taxes included). If you know medical prices you know this is an excellent opportunity, however I have nearly 50 blue tongues that could potentially be radiographed, which would be a significant cost. At a minimum I would like to get at least my 12 known-sex northern blue tongues radiographed to help with the study, but ideally I would like radiographs of all the skinks, including my remaining babies, so we can see how the theory holds up for babies and juveniles as well.

And so I’ve decided to start this fundraiser in an effort to afford these radiographs.

How it works: If you’re considering donating and would like some incentive, I am offering to double your donation towards any Mel’s Exotics purchases. If you donate $10, you get a $20 voucher. Donate $100, get $200. And so on.

The voucher can be used towards any Mel’s Exotics purchase, including holdback-release and 2022 baby blue tongue skinks (and shipping)! If you know you’re going to want a new friend in 2022, here’s the chance to get it at half-price! My babies typically sell for $300-$500 CAD depending on the subspecies and colour type, and if things go according to plan 2022 will have a large number of different litters available (additional information coming soon).

You can contact me ahead of time to get a price+shipping quote if you like, but in general a CBB northern baby shipped to your door within Canada is about $500 usually. Half off that is a huge savings. I am also able to ship to the USA, it just costs more so usually isn’t worthwhile for American customers. Feel free to contact me and we can see what it would cost to send a baby to your location (Canada and USA only, sorry friends). I can be contacted at

I hope you will consider supporting this fundraiser if you are able, or sharing this fundraiser to friends and family who may be interested. Thank you so much for any and all support! I will keep everyone updated on how this radiograph adventure goes.

Many thanks,

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My name is Melanie Pratt and I am an animal addict. My current addiction is Blue Tongue Skinks, and I have about 20 breeding adults right now.
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