Summer 2014 Pictures!

I finally got around to taking some new outdoor photos of many of my skinks. Outdoor photos look so much better 😀

In getting these photos I was bitten once (Taz), pooped on once (Taz), and had to race across the lawn to catch runaways many times, lol. I think the pictures were worth it 🙂 Click the photos to see the larger version.

Izuru the irian jaya is possibly pregnant (bred to Mizu):
Izuru 2014Izuru 2014

Evita the classic northern is possibly pregnant (bred to Wasp):
Evita 2014Evita 2014

Fluke the classic northern is possibly pregnant (bred to Jenga):
Fluke 2014Fluke 2014

Wasp the classic northern (bred to Evita):
Wasp 2014Wasp 2014

Jenga the caramel northern (bred to Fluke):
Jenga 2014Jenga 2014

Trouble the caramel northern (still regaining condition after last year’s litter):
Trouble 2014Trouble 2014

Taz & Tiberius are two caramel babies from last year who are still here:
Taz & Tibs 2014
Both tried to take off on me during the photoshoot, so they got their photos taken in a bin. Taz is the stub-tail & is my personal holdback. Both are a bit spazzy (they obviously need more hands-on time), but Tiberius takes after his dad in that he’s quite aggressive (thus why he’s not gone to a new home yet).

Uno the merauke is growing longer and longer:
Uno 2014Uno 2014

Wocket the silver tanimbar (I really need some more of these!):
Wocket 2014Wocket 2014

Alrick the classic northern is a John Delahaye baby 🙂 He was definitely the most bitey of the lot, but posed for some great photos:
Alrick 2014Alrick 2014

Bomber the weirdo classic northern (my strange looking runt baby <3):
Bomber 2014Bomber 2014

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My name is Melanie Pratt and I am an animal addict. My current addiction is Blue Tongue Skinks, and I have about 20 breeding adults right now.
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