The 2022 Lineup – Meet the Girls

So far the 2022 breeding season has been very busy here, and we have 9 lovely skink ladies who’ll hopefully give us some incredible babies in the coming months. No one is showing much just yet, but we’re starting to see behaviour changes like eating less and basking more. Keep your fingers crossed that everyone has easy pregnancies and we get lots of adorable babies in May/June/July!

First up is Wocket, the silver tanimbar. Wocket bred to Cash, a wild-type silver tanimbar.

Next up is Clifford, a young Northern lass. She’s in shed right now, but usually has a lovely red tint to her. She bred to Tex, who also has some lovely reds.

Third is Peaches, who is practically glowing after her recent shed. She bred to Alrick, who also has some bright colours to show off.

Fourth is Fluke, one of my original girls, still going strong. Fluke bred to Wasp this year, for a litter of gorgeous dark, speckly classic Northern babies.

Next up is Tiberius, the caramel northern. Tiberius bred to Taz, an incredible caramel northern – I’m so excited to see the babies from these two!

Alice, my largest northern, bred to Drooly. Both skinks are light coloured and their last litter together was incredibly sweet, so here’s hoping for another great litter from these two.

Another skink currently in shed, Araucana the northern bred to Penn this year. Both are dark and speckly – I’m hoping for some very dark and bold babies.

Number eight is Bomber, the oddball classic northern. She was line-bred back to her father, Wasp, in the hopes of seeing if her colour/pattern is genetic. Fingers crossed for healthy babies!

Last, but certainly not least, is my lady Evita. She consistently produces big, healthy litters of classic northerns. She bred to Penn this year, so these classics should be quite dark and speckled!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at the girls. I’ll get photos of the boys soon as well 🙂 Be well my friends!

About Fatal_S

My name is Melanie Pratt and I am an animal addict. My current addiction is Blue Tongue Skinks, and I have about 20 breeding adults right now.
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