Update and MRBE 2018

We’re far overdue for an update, I know. So here goes:

1) I will be taking photos of the available babies tonight. I will post the pictures on the available page tonight. There’s probably about 20 babies that will be available tonight (northern and IJs). Babies are $400 + shipping. I may also post the juvenile skinks if I have time. Juveniles are $500 + shipping. Once they’re up feel free to email me at melaniejpratt@gmail.com. Local/MRBE sales will be answered first since that’s this weekend, then I’ll get to shipping inquiries. Please, emails only.

2) I will be at the Manitoba Reptile Breeders Expo (MRBE) this coming weekend, but I will not have my own table. If you want to chat you can find me working at the Manitoba Herpetocultural Society (MHS) table. I will not have any blue tongues with me unless the sale is arranged beforehand.

3) I will be downsizing some of my collection and likely closing Mel’s Exotics shortly. I’ll still be around the BTS/reptile community, but running a business and dealing with sales is not my thing. If I continue to breed I will likely be looking to work with a resaler/broker, so I won’t be selling directly anymore. I’m just not doing great and I can’t keep up anymore.

I want to say that I think I have the best customers in the world. Everyone has always been wonderful to me, and I appreciate you all more than I can possibly say. Thank you.

About Fatal_S

My name is Melanie Pratt and I am an animal addict. My current addiction is Blue Tongue Skinks, and I have about 20 breeding adults right now.
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