2014 Evita Babies

On July 7, 2014, Evita gave birth to 13 adorable babies. The father of this litter is Wasp (his babies will be given W-names this year).

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll notice that my recent photoshoot was on the 7th. She started popping the babies out right after having her photos taken 😀 It made for a great day here at ME.

The babies are classic northerns, and will be $200 each (plus shipping whenever needed). There’s currently a waiting list for babies (as of today I’m removing the unconfirmed names from the list). I am still expecting another litter or two of babies this year, and looking at bringing in a litter from the USA as well.

Right now the babies are identified by numbers. These are not permanent IDs (the skinks will be put together at times and re-arranged) so there’s no reserving any specific babies just yet. In about a week they’ll be given their proper IDs (W-names), at which point those on the waiting list can start picking out their baby 🙂

Here’s some photos of the new additions:
W Baby 1W Baby 1

W Baby 2W Baby 2

W Baby 3W Baby 3

W Baby 4W Baby 4

W Baby 5W Baby 5

W Baby 6W Baby 6

W Baby 7W Baby 7

W Baby 8W Baby 8

W Baby 9W Baby 9

10) (Nothing wrong with back, just sitting weird in photo)
W Baby 10W Baby 10

W Baby 11W Baby 11

W Baby 12W Baby 12

W Baby 13W Baby 13

Baby 13 is the runt of the litter, and has a few issues. The first is that his umbilical hasn’t come off yet (not a big deal), but the second is that his head is slightly deformed:
W Baby 13W Baby 13
I wasn’t sure how he’d hold up, but since he seemed otherwise normal I’ve been treating him normally – so far he’s just like any of the other babies 🙂 I’m still keeping a closer eye on him, but he’s eating great, so I’m optimistic for his chances. His tongue sticks out one side – it’s pretty cute to watch him explore and flick it around.

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