Baby Bath Time

Hi everyone. The 13 babies born so far are doing very well. On Monday they’ll be two weeks old, and I’ll be giving them their official IDs (names), taking ID pictures of each, and making them available (I’ll be contacting those on the waiting list at that time). They’ll be ready to go starting July 28.

I’m still waiting on babies from Fluke and hopefully Izuru as well. I’m also looking at bringing in a litter of IJs from a breeder in the USA. Updates for those should be coming soon.

On Friday the babies had a group bath and I snapped a few pictures to share 🙂 I also cleaned all the bins and fed everyone.
In the bath:
Evita Baby Bath
Evita Baby BathEvita Baby Bath

In their clean bins:
Clean Bins
Clean BinsClean Bins

The little runt baby is doing pretty good. He’s got some gunk in one eye that I haven’t been able to remove yet, but his umbilical is off and he’s eating/pooping like all the others. In these pictures he’s looking a bit skinny, but post bath/food he was a balloon again.
Evita Baby BathClean Bins

Lastly, my sister got a new puppy. His name is Mouse, he’s a Bernese Mountain Dog, he’s 10 weeks old, and he’s adorable. Here he is with Snoopy, my 11 year old mutt <3
Mouse and Snoopy

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