Fluke Babies Have Names

The Fluke x Jenga babies are now two weeks old, and have officially received their ID names. I also took photos of each of them, but since most are in shed the photos are pretty awful. I’ll give the babies a bath to clear the shed and get some new photos up ASAP so people can start reserving them 🙂

I also took photos of the IJ babies that I picked up from Ray Gurgui in the USA. There are 7 baby IJs total; 3-4 will be available. Each has cost me nearly $250 to get here, so the IJs will definitely cost more than the northerns this year.

I’ll be updating everything on the website as quickly as I can, and contacting everyone on the waiting list to pick out babies and set up shipping 🙂 Until then all the babies pictured here are still considered on hold.

For now, here’s some awful pictures of some cute baby skinks:

Baby Jaeger:
Jaeger 2w/oJaeger 2w/o

Baby Jasper:
Jasper 2w/oJasper 2w/o

Baby Javier:
Javier 2w/oJavier 2w/o

Baby Jaxom:
Jaxom 2w/oJaxom 2w/o

Baby Jean:
Jean 2w/oJean 2w/o

Baby Jenkins:
Jenkins 2w/oJenkins 2w/o

Baby Jett:
Jett 2w/oJett 2w/o

Baby Jim:
Jim 2w/oJim 2w/o

Baby Joey:
Joey 2w/oJoey 2w/o

Baby Jonah:
Jonah 2w/oJonah 2w/o

Baby Julius:
Julius 2w/oJulius 2w/o

Baby Jumanji:
Jumanji 2w/oJumanji 2w/o

Baby Justice:
Justice 2w/oJustice 2w/o

The IJ babies don’t have names, just numbers 02-08. Yes, number 06 is missing his tail – he was born without it. It doesn’t hurt him in any way, he just looks a bit different. He’s also the sweetest and most laid back, probably because everyone wants to cuddle the oddball babies 🙂

IJ 02:
IJ 02IJ 02

IJ 03:
IJ 03IJ 03

IJ 04:
IJ 04IJ 04

IJ 05:
IJ 05IJ 05

IJ 06:
IJ 06IJ 06

IJ 07:
IJ 07IJ 07

IJ 08:
IJ 08IJ 08

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