The Maternity Ward

On Saturday my four possible preggos had their tanks updated to prepare for any babies (could be any day now). I also got updated weights (pre-food) and some new pictures.

Trouble the caramel northern is an absolute balloon right now; gaining weight even though she’s completely stopped eating (696g):
Trouble June 2
Trouble June 2Trouble June 2

Izuru the irian jaya has actually been losing weight, but she’s also been acting odd, so I’m on the fence about her chances this year (542g):
Izuru June 2
Izuru June 2Izuru June 2

Hank the classic northern hasn’t gained or lost much weight, but she has gotten wider and is definitely acting pregnant so I’m pretty sure she’s got something in the works (827g):
Hank June 2
Hank June 2Hank June 2

Lastly Wocket the silver tanimbar didn’t change weight since last time (before that she jumped quite a lot). If I had to make a call I’d say she didn’t take this year, but I always hold out hope (506g):
Wocket June 2
Wocket June 2Wocket June 2

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My name is Melanie Pratt and I am an animal addict. My current addiction is Blue Tongue Skinks, and I have about 20 breeding adults right now.
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